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Last month I did a post all about my bucket list, which covered things I want to do throughout my life, most of which were travel related. One thing I didn't cover, however, was specific countries/cities I want to go to, as it would have made the list too long. So today I thought I'd do the other half of that post and cover some of the countries I'd love to go to...enjoy!

Wales, United Kingdom

As someone who is from the United Kingdom and has lived here my whole life, the fact that I've never been to Wales is a crime! One of the four nations that make up Great Britain, it's the only one I've yet to experience, so I definitely want to tick this off my list at some point.

Hawaii, USA

For some reason, Polynesian places have always really spoken to me; I really like the culture and the vibe. There are lots of Polynesian places in Oceania I'd love to visit, but Hawaii in North America is definitely top of my list. It seems like such a chilled out, beautiful place and I could just imagine having some amazing experiences there. I'd also love to attend a luau!

San Francisco, USA

Another American one! Out of everywhere I haven't been in America, San Francisco calls to me the most. The city looks so beautiful and European; I could imagine spending all day just walking around its streets. It also has some fantastic attractions that I'd love to get to experience, including Alcatraz and the Walt Disney Family Museum.

Rome, Italy

This is a major one for me. Ever since I was little (and let's be real, ever since I watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie) I've always wanted to visit this historic city. I want to wander the ancient streets, see the sights, and eat some amazing carbs...what could be better? I would also want to take a day trip out to Pompeii, which is another historic sight that would be amazing to visit.

Cairo, Egypt

It's a bit of a basic one for travellers, but I want to see the pyramids myself in real life. I went through a phase when I was younger of being really interested in Ancient Egypt, and I want to visit in honour of childhood me to live out my wildest dreams of riding a camel in front of the Sphinx!


I couldn't say exactly where in India I would want to go, I just want to visit this country so bad! Not only is Indian cuisine my favourite in the entire world, but I'd love to get to experience such a vibrant and busy country, especially as I come from somewhere with a relatively low population. I think it would be an eye opening experience, and who doesn't want to visit somewhere so beautiful?

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

I always watch nature documentaries about the Amazon rainforest; it's so interesting and diverse and utterly beautiful. It would be amazing (no pun intended) to get to walk through such a unique landscape and to see brand new fauna and fauna to me.

And that does it! I'd love to visit every country in the world...I mean, who wouldn't? But these are the ones I'd love to get to go to in particular. Let me know which countries you would most like to visit either in the comments below or on social media:

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