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Planning a Centre Parcs Holiday

If you have never had the fortune of coming across Centre Parcs before, it is genuinely one of my favourite places to go on holiday. Ever since I was a child, me and my family have taken breaks there, and they're some of my absolute favourite memories.

A Centre Parcs vacation is quite unique. Once you have entered the "compound" for want of a better word, you park your car and leave it. Centre Parcs is all about being eco-friendly, so trade in your car for a bike, or just walk! Each location is absolutely beautiful, with plenty of woodland to walk around in, and a massive lake to enjoy some boating. Centre Parcs also offer countless activities to take part in during your stay. I don't think anyone would argue, however, that the swimming pool is not the piece de resistance of any holiday here. Slides, lazy rivers, hot tubs...the list goes on and on!

There's so much to see and do that it can be a bit overwhelming to begin with. But never fear, I am here to provide some assistance to you in your time of need!

Choose Your Location

First things first, pick your poison. Centre Parcs have many locations throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as Western Europe, so you will want to have a think about which is best for you. While they all differ slightly in what they can offer their guests, generally speaking they are the same, so I recommend picking the location closest to you.

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Select Your Dates

As with all holidays you'll need to consider when you want to visit. Centre Parcs operates a little bit differently as it restricts when you're able to stay. Guests can visit for a long weekend, or an entire week, but nowhere in between. So make sure you consider beforehand how long you would like to stay for so there are no unexpected surprises.

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Choose Your Accommodation

There is a surprisingly large amount of accommodation to choose from at Centre Parcs. Ranging from small studio suites to cosy lodges to massive woodland mansions, there's something for everyone! Every lodge comes with a kitchen/dining space, so you will always have the option to cook your own food as well, which is a great cost-saver. I recommend firstly picking the type of housing that works for you, and then considering where you want to be on the estate. Some lodges are located closer to the town centre than others, so consider whether you want to be closer to the action or in the quieter zones.

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Choose Your Activities

As I said before there are so many activities to take part in at Centre Parcs. There's genuinely something for everyone. If you're visiting with children, activities range from climbing walls to kids clubs to build a bear workshops. Teenagers can enjoy bowling, sports clubs, and escape rooms. Adults can enjoy archery, golfing, and fencing. There's so much to partake in that you can easily fill a week with fun activities. The hard part is deciding what to do! I recommend reading through everything Centre Parcs has to offer and selecting your top choices, then fitting them into your itinerary. From there, have a look at your unassigned time and consider one or two more casual activities that you don't need to book, such as playing snooker at the Sports Centre. Don't forget to include time for swimming too!

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Don't Forget the Spa

Centre Parc's spa is unlike anything else. It's not cheap, but it's worth the price in my opinion. There are a range of treatments on offer, but I recommend getting the day spa package which will provides you with access to different experience rooms and amazing hot tubs and pools. It's definitely worth a trip!

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Food on the Brain

As with everything else, there are many dining experiences available at Centre Parcs. While I do recommend taking a trip to their supermarket and buying ingredients to make your own food, it can also be nice to go out and enjoy the restaurants on offer. A personal favourite is Rajinda Pradesh; it's an incredibly Indian restaurant with some of the best food I've ever had. Centre Parcs also offers a dine-in experience, where you can select a sample of world cuisines and get them delivered straight to your door. It's great for a lazy day!

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And last but not least, enjoy your trip! Centre Parcs is an amazing experience, so make the most of it! If you've ever been to a Centre Parcs location, what is your favourite thing to do there?

Until next time,

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