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Reflections On The Year

Yes, we still have a month left before 2020 officially ends, but I thought now would be a good time to reflect on the year that has almost passed. This is going to be a very self-indulgent post, so be warned! But you may enjoy the reflection, and I encourage you post your own reflection on 2020 in the comments below as well!

The year began with me starting a new job. I was pretty sad to be leaving my old one, as, while it of course had its downsides, I did genuinely enjoy it and I really liked the people. However it was important for me to take the plunge and progress forward in my career and expand my experiences, which led me to my current role. As with all jobs, it's always difficult to get settled in, but I feel like I'm in a place now where I understand it well, and I've managed to find a way to balance that and the blog. Speaking of...

2020 was the year that I started GlobalSolo! I've always been interested in starting a blog, not only to document my travels, but also to post all the lifestyle things I'm interested in. This year I decided to take the plunge and go for it! There's always a lot of time and money that needs to be invested in at the start, but I'm so glad I did it as I'm really enjoying this journey. In 2020 I hope to make more time for GlobalSolo so I can continue to grow and develop it now that I have a catalogue of posts.

Of course, it hasn't been easy starting a travel blog during a global pandemic that meant a lack of travel. You'll have to trust me that I had lots of plans for content that involved me travelling to many different places, but alas, it did not happen. Hopefully next year more options for travel will open up and then there'll be no stopping GlobalSolo! If it looks like travel is not an option in the near future, then I'm hoping to take the time to explore more of my own country, so we'll see!

There were one or two places I got to travel to this year, one of which being Watford to visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour which is one of my favourite places in the world. It was so nice to be able to go somewhere, even if it wasn't very far away, and do something a bit out of the ordinary. Similarly, I also visited Glenfinnan, in the Scottish Highlands, where some Harry Potter scenes were filmed. This was an incredibly beautiful place and made for a wonderful day trip; I highly recommend it if you're in the country!

Overall, I'm so proud of where GlobalSolo has got to in such a short amount of time. I'm overwhelmed by the number of subscribers I have received, and I love getting the opportunity to speak to you when possible. I can't believe we haven't even reached a year yet, and as such I'm so excited to see where we can go from here. As I say, I really want 2021 to be the year I focus much more of my time on this website so I can constantly increase the quality of my posts, and hopefully add more varied content. I really hope you stick around to see what's coming next!

And that about does it for my reflection. There is of course much more to my year than what I have mentioned; my life has been quite Covid heavy as I'm sure many people's has been, however I wanted to focus more on the positive aspects of the year, mainly focusing on this blog and it's achievements so far. I'm so proud of where we've gotten to, and I can't wait to see how much further we can go in 2021!

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