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Good day everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I thought I'd switch things up a little bit today and do a room tour. I have a real passion for interior design, and I've put my heart and soul into my little bedroom, so I thought I would share it, as it might possibly inspire you! On the other side of that point, if you have any tips and tricks for me for decorating a smaller room, please let me know.

I've also started my YouTube channel, which you can find here. I've uploaded a full video of my room tour, so if you would like more detail, please check it out and give it a subscribe. Whenever I next go on a travelling adventure I'll be sure to vlog it and add it to my YouTube channel so there's lots of exciting videos coming up!

So let's start with an overview of my room. It's quite compact as I said so I wasn't able to get all of it into one frame, but this is my bed area which I love as it's so cosy.

My wardrobe is pretty self explanatory, but I do store some items up on the top. At the moment I have some larger bags, a knitted gargoyle, and a basket where I keep blank cards and general party decorations. I'm hoping to turn this area into a Harry Potter shelf that's super magical with fairy lights. I'll let you know how it goes once I get started!

Between my wardrobe and my bedside table was a blank space, so I decided to pop this basket in between because it fit perfectly. At the moment I keep a couple of blankets and my Minnie ears that I keep handy for whenever I go to the parks!

And now we're on to my bedside table. In the drawers I keep things that are handy to have near me, like headphones, and I keep my jewellery in there as well. In the bottom drawer I keep my candle collection. On the top of the table is a lamp that has a warm light bulb in it to create that cosy glow, an alarm clock, some books that have nice covers, my cactus, and a candle.

Next is my bed. I twisted some fairy lights around the headboard as it seemed made to do so! A top tip to make your bed look neat is to cover the parts where the duvet ends, i.e. at the bottom and top of the bed. I did so here with two large fluffy pillows. For decoration I've put a llama cushion and my little baby yoda.

And here's what I did to cover the bottom. I put a white blanket here because the colour goes with any duvet cover I put on, and then I have my hot water bottom ready to go too.

Above my bed I have my gallery wall. This is when you put a collection of pictures together in an interesting layout. I chose these pictures as they were all different from each other in shape and style while still maintaining a similar colour scheme that goes with the rest of my room.

This is my windowsill. I've put my little pigmy puff from the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. I also have a reed diffuser to make sure my room always smells nice, and not pictured is some fake flowers in a vase from IKEA. Lastly, right in the centre, is a Biscuiteers Christmas bag. I love Christmas so I like to have little signs of it dotted throughout my room. Inside I have chargers so they're tucked away out of sight. I recommend keeping any nice bags you get from shops as they can be used to hide those not-so-pretty things.

And we now move on to my favourite part of my room; my desk! Unfortunately it doesn't look quite like it normally would because I'm currently working from home so there's more stuff on my desk than I would have liked. This nook was designed to be a place to put a wardrobe, but no matter which way I put the furniture in my room I wouldn't have been able to open my wardrobe doors, so I put my desk in this area instead, and it fit perfectly; like it was meant to be!

The shelves above my desk are purely for decorative purposes; they're a place for me to put the nice trinkets I find that don't really have a place. On the bottom shelf I have a little samurai figure I picked up at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot. I found this nice card in Anthropologie one time and I didn't have anyone to give it to but I loved it, so I cut out the front of it and put it in a frame. If you have a bit of empty space I would recommend this hack. To fill the middle area I have a textboard, and in front of it I have a few Harry Potter trinkets. Lastly, I have my water mister for my cactus, and a fake hanging plant from IKEA.

On the top shelf I have a tray from H&M, and in that tray I have some Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, a candle from Oliver Bonas, and a pen pot from Anthropologie. I then went to Paperchase and bought some of their fluffy pens as decoration. It's kind of like fake flowers in a vase but with pens instead! There are also some fairy lights from Anthropologie threaded throughout this shelf, as well as a time turner hanging down. On the other side are my Harry Potter books and a Christmas deer (another nod to Christmas).

And then finally we have the top of my last set of drawers. I have a clock here as there's nothing more annoying to me than going into a room and not having a way to tell the time! I also keep a portable mirror up here and a little giraffe statue for no reason at all. I then have a circular tray with fairy lights wrapped around it (can you tell I love fairy lights?) with my perfumes and body sprays inside it.

And that's my room tour! I hope you enjoyed it. Please be sure to check out the full video on my YouTube channel. Pop any interior design tips you have for me down in the comments, and we can start a discussion!

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