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Spring Mood Board

Sometimes at the start of each season I like to put together a mood board that highlights the kind of vibe I want the next couple of months to have. This tends to include a colour scheme, places I'm hoping to go, and so on. If you've never done a mood board before, I highly recommend it! They're a great way to get excited about the coming months and to create a plan of the things you hope to achieve. So today I thought I'd show you my mood board to give you some inspiration! I tend to make mine on Canva, which makes it super quick and simple (this isn't an ad, I promise)!

This Spring, I've focused on bright pastels (ground breaking, I know); calming and peaceful with a dash of excitement...which is basically the theme for my Spring!

Starting from the top left, I of course had to include something to do with Easter. While Easter isn't my favourite holiday by any means, I certainly love the chocolate...particularly Mini Eggs. I'm very excited to have my favourite chocolate snack back on the shelves, that's for sure!

Moving downwards, I've included a desk here because I'm hoping to really focus my energy on being productive. This is not only for my work, but also for this blog. Spring is a great time to really power through and get a lot done, and I hope to do so for GlobalSolo! Finally, I want to be more productive in my personal life too...there's nothing better than a good Spring clean!

Down on the bottom left, I've included a candle to represent that I want to have a calm couple of months. I want to ensure that I'm taking time for myself and relaxing where possible. I want to enjoy my evenings and take the time to chill out!

Moving on to the bottom middle, I've included a picture of the beautiful Peggy Porchen cafe in London. I've actually never been, but I'd love to go! Honestly, I've just included this picture because I liked the vibe of it and the colour scheme; same as the picture on the middle right!

On the top right I've included nature in Spring. I'm hoping to spend more time in nature, particularly due to the lovely Spring weather. Edinburgh in this season is beautiful, so I'm excited to get out there and spend some time in it. I'm also hoping to take advantage of this and get in some picnics (see bottom right picture). I'm really into charcuterie boards at the moment, so this was the perfect photo!

Finally, the picture in the middle on the top is Berlin in the Spring. If everything goes to plan, I'll be travelling to Germany this March to enjoy Berlin for the first time. I'm incredibly excited, and I can't wait to explore this beautiful country!

And that's my mood board; I hope it's inspired someone out there to make one for yourself! It's a really fun, relaxing activity, and makes you feel very productive at the end of it...give it a go, and show me your finished product on social media:

Twitter - _globalsolo

Instagram - _globalsolo

Until next time,

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