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St. Abbs Visit

A little while ago I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to visit the beautiful town of St. Abbs. Located in the Scottish Borders, this town is only about an hours drive from Edinburgh, and about 20 minutes from the Scotland-England border. This makes it incredibly accessible to visit, either by car or by train and bus, and can be included as a stop off on a road trip elsewhere.

St. Abbs is originally famous for its breath taking cliffs and views, but has recently become more well known as it was featured as 'New Asgard' in the Marvel movies. As a big Marvel fan, it was incredibly cool to see these locations in real life! As you enter the town, there's even a 'New Asgard' sign for some fantastic photo opportunities. On this occasion, I didn't have the time to venture into the town itself, as my focus was on the cliffs, but I hope to go back one day to explore further and maybe see Thor's house!

I started my journey by driving from Edinburgh to St. Abbs. It was an incredibly easy drive with some beautiful views as we made our way along the East coast of Scotland. Overall, it took around 40 minutes to get there, and the parking was easy to locate. Please note that it does cost £3 to park in the official car park. We arrived at around 8.30am, and were the only ones there, which was really nice, but I can imagine it getting much busier later on in the day. If you're looking for a reclusive, calming walk, I recommend arriving in the morning.

There are two main cliff walks you can do in St. Abbs. The first is the yellow route, which takes around an hour. Halfway through, there's the opportunity to take a further purple trail which is where the breathtaking views are, but adds a further 40 minutes on to your stroll. We decided to do both paths. It's very easy to find the start of the route; maps and markers are everywhere. The start of the yellow path is fairly unassuming, taking you through some flat fields. It's not long, however, before you find yourself standing in front of a stomach-clenching drop! These cliffs are not to be laughed at; you certainly don't want to get too close to the edge in some spots! There's no fence either, which adds to the fear!

The views are stunning. The water, on the day I visited, was so calm, and the sun had just fully risen, making it a magical experience. It was so cool to think that we were standing at the very edge of the country. While we were obviously way too far away to see them, we were technically staring in the direction of Denmark and Norway. I'm sure on a normal summers day we would have been able to see cruise ships passing by.

We then took a hilly journey further up the path. While this walk is not difficult, there are a fair few steep bits, so you will get out of breath! Before long, we had started the purple route, which took us up to the larger cliffs, as well as the lighthouse. You can also see the loch on this route, which you're able to walk around if you're looking for a longer walk (we decided to pass on this occasion). I highly recommend doing the purple walk if you're feeling up to it; this is truly where you get the most breath taking views. On a warm day it would be a lovely place for a picnic! Please note though, that it is Scotland, so wind is always a presence!

After about 40 minutes we ended up back on the second half of the yellow loop. We were now on a tarmacked road which made the walk a lot easier. The second half of this route does not have any cliff views, which is a bit of a shame, but you do get to walk through some beautiful fields with lots of sheep. One of the advantages of visiting in the Spring was that there were lots of lambs, which was amazing to see.

After about 1.5 hours of walking, our legs were done in, so we called it a day. We had the opportunity to walk into the town of St. Abbs. It's a beautiful, quaint Scottish town that's definitely worth a visit, especially due to the filming locations, but I was certainly done in! As I mentioned before, I hope to come back another day to visit the town itself.

That being said, I was more than satisfied with the experience we had. I had the best morning getting some exercise in, exploring more of this beautiful country, and doing something a bit out of the ordinary. If you find yourself even remotely nearby, I cannot recommend visiting enough. It's so breath taking, and such a quintessentially Scottish experience!

Is there anywhere in your country that blows you away? Let me know!

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