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Taking A Break

Welcome back to GlobalSolo! Today is certainly going to be a different kind of blog post. Recently, I've had a few set backs in regards to this website. Most significantly, having to self-isolate as a close contact for the past week or so. As such, much of the content I had been planning to produce, I have been unable to, including my trip to York.

As such, I seem to have been left without any content for the coming month. I'm also starting to get writers block when it comes to other content, such as my lifestyle posts. As such, I've decided to take a break of around a month or so to take some time off, and also to consider the future of GlobalSolo and where it can be taken next. The same goes for the monthly newsletter.

I apologise that it has come to this, but I truly believe this is a positive step forward...it's not easy running a travel blog during a global pandemic! In the mean time, I've started a Harry Potter-themed YouTube channel that I will continue to work on; I recommend taking a look!

In the mean time you can catch me on my social media channels:

Twitter - wizardingalice

Instagram - wizardingalice

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