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The Best Day Trips from Edinburgh

Today I'm going to be sharing some of my favourite day trips you can do if you're visiting Edinburgh. The great thing about the South of Scotland, where Edinburgh is located, is it's so easy to access so many amazing places as everything is close together! The rail network also means you don't even need to have a car to explore any of these places. I hope you enjoy my list, and let me know if you ever visit any of these locations!

North Berwick/Dunbar

I've included these two locations together because, not only are both locations to the East of Edinburgh, but both are beautiful coastal towns. Are there tons of these to do here? No. But if you're looking for a relaxing day of wandering around quaint seaside towns and getting a sense of how people really live in Scotland, these are the places to be. North Berwick is known for its beauty. Located in East Lothian, this town is surrounded by islands that you can reach and explore by boat, including the infamous Bass Rock. You can spend the good part of a day exploring the many beaches, taking a trip out to the islands, and hiking the Law. There's also plenty of nice restaurants and cafes in North Berwick for you to end the day with. Dunbar is closer towards the Scotland-England border, but is still located in the county of East Lothian. I'll be honest, there's less things to do here than in North Berwick, particularly when it comes to restaurants, but personally I think it's more beautiful. The harbour is one of the nicest places to go for a walk, especially when the seals are there. In the summer months, you'll often find a lobster van there for lunch. Dunbar is actually the location of John Muir's birthplace, so if you're interested in history it's definitely worth a visit! Both Dunbar and North Berwick are on a direct train line from Edinburgh, so they're easy to access.

Rosslyn Chapel

A visit to Rosslyn Chapel probably wouldn't take up an entire day, but it's a great place to visit for the morning to get out of the city and view something amazing. A 15th century chapel, this church is so beautiful, you won't believe it! Rosslyn Chapel actually has quite a gruesome history; it would be a great place to visit at night and do a bit of ghost hunting! It's also featured in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, so this is a must do for any fan of the book or film!

Rosslyn itself is a cute little town in Midlothian that's easily accessible from Edinburgh by a short bus journey, so it's easy to access and enjoy the history.

Firth of Forth

The Firth of Forth is the body of water surrounding the North/East of Edinburgh that eventually leads into the North Sea. Incredibly expansive, it's full of creatures including dolphins and basking sharks. I recommend taking a train over to North Queensferry for the day, which will take you over the infamous, and stunningly beautiful, Forth Rail Bridge.

Once over in Queensferry, and the Kingdom of Fife, there's so many things to explore, including Deep Sea World. I also recommend walking to the coast and getting a fantastic view of the three bridges.

To ring the changes, head back to Edinburgh by taking a boat across the Firth of Forth, where you might get the chance to see some of the wonderful wildlife that inhabit it.


A lovely town in West Lothian, Linlithgow can also be accessed by train from Edinburgh. Located directly to the West of Edinburgh, the town is most famous for Linlithgow Palace, which is steeped in Scottish history. I've had many a fantastic day wandering the Palace, and then enjoying the views out at Linlithgow Loch. There are also sometimes some events you can take part in here, including concerts and outdoors cinemas. You can easily spend a day exploring the park, the palace, and getting something to eat in this beautiful, historic town.

St. Andrews

St. Andrews is one of the most famous places in Scotland, mostly because of its infamous golf course. As such, this town in Fife is perfect for anyone who enjoys their golf, but there's lots of other fun things to do here as well. There's a castle, a cathedral, and an aquarium, not to mention the beautiful beach from Chariots of Fire. Of course there's also St. Andrews University which is like Hogwarts in real life! St. Andrews also has some fantastic food options, so if you're a foodie, this is a great place to come!

Unfortunately there's no direct train to St. Andrews, but you can get the train to nearby Leuchars, and then a bus from there.

And that does it for my recommendations for day trips from Edinburgh! There are so many other places you could explore as well, so if you want any more suggestions, just let me know! If you've been to any of these places, what did you think of them? If not, what are some of your favourite places to travel to from where you live?

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