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The Best Disneyland Paris Holiday

In today's blog post I'll be going through the best of Disneyland Paris for many different budgets and interests. We all know that the Disney Parks are never cheap, however I think the selection I am putting forward today would make for a series of fantastic holidays for any price point. So come with me as we go through the places to stay, eat, and enjoy!

Places To Stay

Let's be real, all Disney Hotels are expensive...like, really expensive! But there is a wide variety of price points for those looking to stay on property.

If you're on a stricter budget, I always enjoy Sequoia Lodge. If you've ever been to Disney World, it's got the same kind of theming as Wilderness Lodge, but it's a bit less grand. Nestled in the woods surrounding the park, this woodland-themed hotel is incredibly cosy, with roaring fires and exposed brickwork. It's the perfect place to go back to after a long day at the parks. It's also one of Disney's cheaper hotels, so it's great for the wallet as well!

If you're looking for something a bit more glamorous, look no further than the Disneyland Hotel. This is opulence to the extreme! Not only is the hotel absolutely beautiful, but it is also the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, so if you play your cards right you might have a room that looks right out over the castle, leading to some fantastic fireworks views. The prices for this hotel are eye watering, and as such I've never been fortunate to stay here myself, but it's definitely a bucket list item!

Alternatively, there are loads of fantastic places to stay in Paris and the surrounding areas that match a wide variety of price points. It's incredibly easy to get from Paris to Disneyland, which is situated about a 5 minute walk away from Marne La Vallee train station, with plenty of trains going right into the centre of Paris all the time. The Eurostar also stops at Marne La Vallee as well, providing plenty of hotel options.

Places to Eat

Disneyland Paris is often made fun of for its lack of creative dining options. And it's certainly true that, compared to Walt Disney World, there tends to be more hot dog and burger type fare, but there are plenty of fun and exciting places to eat if you know where to look.

If you're looking for a unique dining experience, look no further than Captain Jack's. This seafood restaurant not only looks beautiful, but it's situated on the river of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, meaning you can watch the ride boats go past as you eat and wave at the guests! It's a really cool experience, and makes for something a bit more special than your standard restaurant experience.

Over in Disney Studios, Bistrot Chez Remy provides another unique dining experience. Located next to the Ratatouille ride, this restaurant makes you feel like you're sitting in the movie. Everything is designed to make you feel incredibly small, like a rat, with a fantastic atmosphere. This is an incredibly hard reservation to get, so if you're keen, be sure to get in there early, but be warned, it isn't cheap!

What's better than dinner and a show? Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show allows guests to dine on some fantastic food while also watching a real-life cowboy experience. Located in Disney Village, you don't even need to have a park ticket to get into this show; so take a look!

Finally, if you're looking for something a little more budget friendly and a little more casual, I always recommend Casey's Corner. Not only is it a staple of the Disney Parks, but it serves some fantastic hot dogs and fries with loads of fun toppings. There's something for every meat eater to enjoy here!

Things To Do

Once you've bought your ticket into the park, all rides at Disneyland Paris are completely free; so no need to think about the budget here! Therefore I've just included some of my top picks for must-do rides in each park.

If you're a thrill seeker, Big Thunder Mountain is a must. Not only is it an incredibly themed rollercoaster, but it also involved going underwater! This ride can be found at most Disney parks, but Paris' is often said to be the best of the lot.

Similarly, Phantom Manor is widely said to be the best Haunted Mansion ride of any Disney park. It's spooky, incredibly well themed, and it has a fantastic storyline running through it. Push yourself if you're easily frightened to give this one a go!

Finally, I will always recommend Pirates of the Caribbean no matter which park you're in! It's a Disney classic, and it's just so much fun! It's also a must-ride if you've eaten at Captain Jack's!

Moving over to Disney Studios, there are some really unique rides to be found here. Currently, it is the only Disney Park to have the Ratatouille ride (until Epcot finishes it's construction of it). This trackless ride takes you through the restaurant shown in the film as if you are a rat. It's fun, silly, and totally thrilling!

Disney Studios is also the only park to have Crush's Coaster; a fun rollercoaster that takes you through the Australian currents. This ride moves fast and spins you a lot, so be prepared to feel a little motion sick afterwards!

Finally, Tower of Terror is a classic. Once again, this is found in most Disney Parks around the world, and it's always a fan favourite. This free fall attraction is one of the biggest thrills in the park; I recommend you eat after it rather than before!

And those are my selections; if you're planning a Disneyland Paris holiday, let me know what your favourite things to see and do are! If you have any questions about planning a Disneyland Paris adventure, please feel free to get in touch!

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