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The Best Places to Visit in Essex

While I'm an Edinburgh gal through and through, many of my family members live in Essex, so I have spent a fair bit of time there over the years. I love this county; it's incredibly beautiful, situated close to London, and there are so many fun things to see and do there.

While it's a popular place, what with it being so close to London I think it can be overlooked as a place to visit for those touring the UK, so today I thought I'd highlight some of my favourite places in Essex to visit to hopefully inspire some travellers out there.

Audley End

This is such a beautiful house. If you're into your architecture/history Audley End is the place to go. A 17th century manor house, the building is beautiful, with each room completely different from the next. they also have live actors in some of the rooms to give you a more authentic experience. The grounds are also really nice to walk around on a summer's day. It's a fantastic day out!

Henry Moore Studios and Gardens

This one might not be for everyone! Henry Moore was an English artist who is famous for his amazing sculptures. The Henry Moore house is available for those interested in art to walk around his home and his garden where many of his sculptures lie. If you enjoy art then this is a must do, but even if you don't, just seeing how a famous artist lived is fascinating!

Photo Credit: Henry Moore Foundation

Colchester Zoo

Admittedly I haven't been to many zoos in my lifetime, however out of the ones I have visited, Colchester is my favourite. They have every animal you could possible want to see, as well as some cool things to do like giraffe feeding. I always enjoy my trip to Colchester Zoo!

Photo Credit: Colchester Gazette

Flatford Mill

If you're looking for an Instagram spot look no further; Flatford Mill is the definition of English Countryside. So calm and so beautiful, Flatford is the inspiration of one of John Constable's most famous paintings. I recommend taking the afternoon to take a walk around this beautiful area, taking some amazing pictures.

Photo Credit: Tammy Tour Guide

So Many Tudor Buildings and Cosy Places!

Honestly, if you're visiting Essex, I recommend taking the time to visit all the towns and just soak in the atmosphere. It's an amazing place with so many fantastic places to eat and hang out with friends and family. There are great pubs with those beautiful Tudor beams that create the perfect atmosphere for a cosy night in the winter. Some of my favourite memories in Essex involve eating pub grub sitting around the fire!

So those are my recommendations for visiting Essex. If you've been to this county before I'd love to know where you like to visit!

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