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As you're on this very amazing blog as we speak, I'm sure you love consuming travel-related content. During times when I can't travel, perhaps due to work, financial constraints, or a worldwide pandemic, I like to kick back and take in some of the best travel movies, documentaries, and YouTube channels to dream about all the amazing places in the world to travel to one day.

And so today I have decided to gather together some of my favourite travel content in the hopes that it might inspire some wanderlust in someone out there. I'd also love to know what you enjoy watching/reading when you're yearning for adventure.


It might be a bit of stretch to call this one a travel movie, but it does involve a holiday, so I'm counting it! This is definitely one of my favourite films to have on in the background while I'm working away; it's so lighthearted and fun that it's hard to feel bad while watching it. It's an incredibly unique idea for a film, and it's definitely one I revisit over and over again.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Laugh all you want, but in my opinion this is the ultimate travel movie. While it's full of nostalgia for me, I'll stand by the fact that this is a fantastic film! This is the movie that started my desire to explore the world, especially Rome (which is still top of my travel bucket list). Again it's lighthearted and a lot of fun to watch.

Dark Tourist

If you're looking for something non-fiction, I highly recommend Dark Tourist on Netflix. I think it's really important when you travel to explore the dark parts of that area's history to get a true sense of what that place is about. Dark Tourist takes this to the extreme with some dangerous and unique places to visit. It's an incredibly eye opening watch.

An Idiot Abroad

While this show has been off the air for a while, it's still a fun watch. It's one of the few shows that constantly makes me laugh out loud, showing a unique take on some of the most famous wonders of the world. If you don't take travel too seriously and enjoy a good laugh, this is definitely the TV programme for you.

Travel Man

Still running on the air, Travel Man can be found on YouTube if you don't have access to British TV. This show is fantastically funny and has given me genuine inspiration for some of the best places to visit in Europe. It's another show that I like to have on in the background while I'm working away on my blog.

Flying the Nest

If YouTube is more your thing, I highly recommend Flying the Nest. While they've taken a break from travel at the moment, it's very entertaining to go through their vast archive of past travels. They've visited so many places, and their amazement and enjoyment of each place they visit is wonderful to see. Their videos make me want to visit every place they go to, which I think is quite a feat.

And those are my recommendations for travel content. As I said, I'd love to know some of your favourite things to watch or read that inspire a love of travel in you.

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