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The Perfect Christmas Eve

To many people (especially in Europe) Christmas Eve is a much bigger detail than the big day itself. While in the UK, Christmas Day is definitely the celebratory period, I love making the most of Christmas Eve and having the most festive day possible! So today I thought I'd go through some of my favourite things to do to make Christmas Eve the perfect day. Let me know if you do any of these things!

Festive Baking

It's always fun to bake something super festive like gingerbread. Cinnamon brownies are also a must-have too! Take a rainy afternoon, pop some Christmas music on, and enjoy baking something delicious. Plus, there's no need for candles as it will make your home smell fantastic. And of course, the best part is getting the eat the end product!

A Winter Walk

No matter where you live in the world, a Christmas walk is so lovely. You can either enjoy the warm summer sun, or the crispy snow on the side of the road. I love taking the time to walk in the woods, or to walk around the houses to look at everyone's Christmas lights...it puts me in the holiday spirit!

A Nap

No, I'm not kidding, it's not Christmas Eve without a nap! After the rush of December and planning everything for the big day, it can be exhausting by the end of the month! Take the time out of your day to relax and have a nap...the best time is when you're watching a Christmas film I'd say!

Watch a Christmas Film

Speaking of, of course you have to watch a Christmas film on Christmas Eve! There are normally loads to choose from on the TV, or take a look on Netflix and other streaming services. I recommend saving your favourite festive movie until this day; for me, I like to watch Elf!

Have a Delicious Dinner

Christmas Day is time for the big roast dinner, but that doesn't mean that you can't also have a fantastic dinner on Christmas Eve as well! To keep things simple and avoid too much cooking, we often go for a massive takeaway. Sometimes, I'll take it upon myself to cook for the family; I normally go for something easy like spaghetti bolognese or fajitas. We try and make it super festive no matter what we're having; this includes Christmas napkins and themed table decor. I also like to include games; this year I've bought this silly dinner table game!

Board Games

How else would you finish off the day but board games? Take the time in the evening once everyone has their pyjamas on and their hot chocolate and pull out the games! We love the classics like Monopoly, Cluedo, and Chess, but we also like to play Poker and Timeline, which is one of my favourite games!

Get an Early Night

And of course, finish the day with an early night so you're ready for the big day itself! I like to have a bath with a festive bath bomb to make myself sleepy, and then I get into bed and read a book...super relaxing! I often leave my Christmas lights on during the night to keep me in the festive spirit; it's also great to wake up to in the morning!

And those are my ideas for the perfect Christmas Eve. If you have any traditions that you like to do around this time of year I'd love to hear them in the comments below, or on social media!

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