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The Perfect Cosy Night In

Today I'm sharing some of my tips for having the perfect, cosy night in. Whether you're spending the evening by yourself, or with friends and family, following these tricks will ensure you have the best night in!

Prepare the Day Before

Yes it seems counter intuitive to a relaxed evening in to have to prepare, but getting all those odd jobs done the day before means you can be totally at peace the evening of. I personally like to do a big clean if I know I'm having a proper cosy night in the next day, so I'm not tempted to start doing tasks when I'm supposed to be chilling out!

Go For A Walk

Especially in the summer it can be lovely to go on a relaxing stroll. Take the time to get out of the house and get some exercise before spending the night in the house.

Have a Bath

Could you really have a cosy evening without a bath? Get your favourite bath bomb (I tend to choose Lush) and have a relaxing bath after your walk to wind down for the evening...plus you'll smell fantastic too!

Snacks, snacks, Snacks!

You can't have a night in without snacks! Get together some of your favourite things to eat and put them out on a table for easy access while you're watching your films. My personal go-tos are some M&Ms, Kettle crisps, thousand island dip, and mango!

Candles & Blankets

Nothing creates a cosy atmosphere quite like candles! I like to use Anthropologie or Bath and Body Works for my candles, but you can also find some fantastic wax melts on Etsy; you might even be able to match your wax melt to the film you're watching! Remember to get some cosy blankets to bundle under while you're watching your movie as well.

Pick a Cosy Film

The next job is to choose the perfect cosy film. A rom-com will always work well, or a spooky horror! My personal pick is the Prisoner of Azkaban; a super cosy Autumnal film.

Get a Takeaway

This is obviously personal preference, but nothing says a cosy night quite like a takeaway. Chinese, Indian, Pizza, take your pick (or get all three)! If you'd prefer, rustling up a dinner yourself can also be a super fun way to spend part of your evening, especially if you're attempting something you've never made before!

And those are my tips for the perfect evening in - I hope you found it helpful! Feel free to let me know your top tricks for a great night in...

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