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The Perfect Summer Evening

Yes, I know, we're technically still in Spring, but I'm already looking forward into the Summer months and enjoying the nice weather we're already experiencing here. So today I thought I'd share a lovely summer evening that you could have in Edinburgh (or adapt to where you live), to give you some inspiration for how you can enjoy your own warm summer eve!

The evening starts by going on a walk in the late afternoon along the river. If you live in Edinburgh, I recommend doing the Water of Leith walk, which takes you down to Leith Docks. Otherwise, enjoy a stroll along somewhere peaceful and relaxing that's shaded from the sun. It's so nice to take some time away from the hustle and bustle, catch up, and enjoy nature.

To reward yourself from the long walk, I recommend stopping for dinner at Leith Docks at The Fishmarket. This is a renowned fish and chip shop, and a beautiful place to sit along the harbour. With indoor and outdoor seating, it's a lovely place to enjoy the sunset. It's a great place to rest your legs and enjoy a super delicious dinner in such a nice location!

From there, I would make my way home and relax by watching a film and chilling out for a while. There are loads of films I like to watch that scream "Summer" to me, such as:

- Mamma Mia

- The Lizzie McGuire Movie (I'll stand by the fact that it's an excellent film)

- The Parent Trap

- Forgetting Sarah Marshall

- Jurassic Park

To end the day, sit by the open window and read a book, enjoying the breeze coming in through the window, and the sounds outside. It's the perfect way to end a lovely summer evening that involved nice company, amazing food, spending time outdoors, and relaxing. I highly recommend it!

I'd love to know how you spend an ideal summer evening, feel free to share it with me!

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