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The Perfect Winter Evening

And so, we have entered the winter months. While I know some people prefer it when it's sunny and hot, I thrive in the cold and the rain, so I couldn't be more excited! There's nothing better than cosy evenings indoors with the Christmas lights on. So today I thought I'd go through some of the things that I think make the perfect winter evening; hopefully you'll be able to take some of these ideas forward if you are planning your own cosy, snowy evening.

Pyjamas and Slippers

First things first, you've got to get comfy! Get yourself your favourite pair of pyjamas; the more Christmassy the better. This year I've stuck with a plaid button-down theme to my nightwear...I like to imagine I'm living my dream of living in a log cabin in the woods. Some would say scary, I would say cosy. Then, grab some fluffy socks and a pair of slippers; there's no way you won't feel cosy in that get-up!

Dinner Time

Nothing sets the tone for an evening quite like what you have for dinner. There's loads of recipes you could make for an evening in that will warm you right up!

- Steak Pie

- Roast Dinner

- Chicken Tikka Masala

- Soup

Of course, a takeaway is never a bad option either. To me there's nothing better than chowing down on a ridiculously oversized pizza at the end of a day.


Now you've eaten your weight in food, it's time to relax for a while...and that of course involves blankets. Load up as many as you own, and get yourself settled on the sofa. I've heard weighted blankets are fantastic for this, but I'll admit that I've never used one myself. If you really want to go all out, why not give a blanket fort a go for an extra cosy vibe?


Yes, you've just had a huge, filling dinner, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying some festive snacks, right? Hot chocolate is always a firm favourite, or some peppermint tea for something a bit lighter. Popcorn is a great snack to enjoy when you're lounging about, or if you're looking for something super festive, gingerbread cookies are always a win. If you're still hungry, chips and dips are also great.


Yes, you knew candles would be somewhere on this list! There are some fantastic candles out there for a range of price points to set the tone for a winter evening. Some of my favourites include:

- The White Company Winter Candle

- John Lewis Winter Spice Candle

- Pretty much any of Next's Christmas Candles

Festive Films

There are so many fantastic films to watch in the winter. Of course there are the classic Christmas ones, but there are loads of others movies that can really put you in the festive spirit. My personal favourite is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone; there isn't a cosier film out there!

Decorate the Christmas Tree

If you're planning out a super cosy evening this winter, I recommend you do so on the day you want to put your Christmas tree up. This is already a super cosy activity and will get you right in the Christmas spirit. And there's no better time to do so than when you're already feeling warm and cosy!

And so those are my top tips for the perfect festive evening. If you have any traditions that you like to do in the winter, please let me know through the social media channels below!

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Until next time,

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