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Unique Shops in Edinburgh

Today I thought I'd share some of my favourite shops in Edinburgh that you might not know about. Now that things have opened up a bit more here, we can explore some of these places, so I thought it would be a good time to share some of the stores that I always recommend tourists explore in Edinburgh, so take a look!

Armchair Books

Located in the beautiful area of Grassmarket, in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, Armchair Books is exactly what you think of when you imagine an independent book shop. Piled high with books covering a range of topics, you could spend all day browsing this store. While it's certainly not for the claustrophobic, if you can catch it on a quiet day it's one of the most peaceful places you can visit. You feel like you're shopping in Diagon Alley when you're in here!

Mary's Milk Bar

Okay, this one isn't technically a shop, but rather an ice cream parlour. It's located right beside Armchair Books, and it's delicious, so I thought I'd include it! Mary's Milk Bar is unique in that it only operates each day until it runs out of ice cream. This means it could be open all day, or only for an hour! So if ice cream is your thing, get in quick if it's a hot summer day. All of the ice cream is homemade, and can come in some truly unique flavours, so I definitely recommend giving it a visit.

Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger is a stationery shop with two locations in Edinburgh. Each shop is rather small, but, a bit like Armchair Books, you could spend ages looking at everything they have in there. Whether beautiful notebooks, funny gifts, or greeting cards are your things, you'll find something for you here!


Armstrongs is pretty famous in Edinburgh. With several locations to visit, I personally recommend the Grassmarket location just for its sheer size. Armstrongs locates authentic vintage fashion items for the budding thrifter in all of us. Similar to the other shops I've mentioned, it would be easy to spend the entire day looking around everything they have. There are some truly amazing pieces of history there, and some fantastic outfits to find.


This is one of my favourite stores ever. Located in Stockbridge, Caoba imports items from Mexico, so most of the stock is traditional. There's a mix of greeting cards and stationery, all the way to homewares. If you're ever looking for some items to add a bit of interest to your home, this is the first place I would recommend visiting. It's a beautiful shop, and a real joy to visit.

And so those are my recommendations! Have you ever visited any of these stores? What did you think? What are your favourite shops in your own home town that others might not know about?

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