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What I Eat In A Week

Hello! And welcome to another GlobalSolo blog post. Today I'm doing something a little bit different. Over the past week I've been documenting everything that I've been eating. This is kind of selfish, because it's useful for me to get an idea of what I'm eating overall, but I thought it might be useful for some people out there and give you some dinner inspirations, so enjoy!


I'm kind of boring, and I literally have the exact same thing for breakfast every morning. I'm not really a breakfast person; I'd much rather eat something small and have a larger lunch or dinner. So I tend to just have two oat cookies, which are super healthy and easy to make!

I just get 8 tablespoons of rolled oats, 1.5 bananas mashed, cinnamon, and some raisins, and mix together. I then put them on a baking tray in cookie shapes, and cook until they start to go golden brown - yummy!

I eat two every morning, along with some kind of fruit; normally an apple, or a handful of blueberries and raspberries. I then have a glass of fruit juice to go along with it.


Monday & Tuesday

For Monday and Tuesday, I have some hummus for lunch. To go along with it, I went full Scottish and had oatcakes (which are delicious if you've never had them before). I also cut up some carrot to dip in too. This lunch is just okay, but it's super easy to put together!


On Wednesdays I often have a makeshift burrito bowl (rice, salad, guacamole, refried beans). This week though I went for something I could just throw in my lunch box. I went for carrot and coriander soup (which is my favourite flavour), and some bread, and an apple. Nothing crazy, but it was nice this week since it was snowing outside!

Thursday & Friday

On Thursday and Friday I had my classic pasta salad. The one I like is kind of weird, and definitely not for everyone, but I think it tasted delicious! I cook some pasta, cool it down, and then combine it with lettuce, cucumber, and tomato. I then fry up a chopped onion and add that in too. Trust me, it works!

Saturday & Sunday

On the weekend, I had something simple since I tend to have more complicated dinners. This week I made a baked potato and had a salad with French dressing on it. Pretty simple, but it actually tasted pretty nice!


Monday & Tuesday

For Monday I made some spaghetti bolognese. It's a classic for a reason! It's super easy to put together and tastes great! Don't judge me for my portion sizes at dinner; I deliberately eat less at breakfast and lunch so I can go for it in the evening! I then had leftover spaghetti bolognese for Tuesday's dinner.


Wednesday was a quick microwave dinner. I love microwave chicken tikka masalas. Is it high brow? No. But I just think their delicious! I normally have some quick chips as well, which you just put in the microwave. They only take a couple of minutes to put together and taste better than oven ones. I forgot to take a picture, so here's a stock image I found!


On Thursday I made some bruschetta. It's the perfect dinner to have when you're looking for something quick, but delicious to make. I just made a quick bruschetta mix, and then toasted some sourdough bread - it was delicious! I actually did a blog post last year on a bruschetta recipe; check it out here!


I tend to just make something on a Friday that I can throw into the oven, since I tend to have quite a lot to do on a Friday evening. This week I had steak and ale pie, chips, and broccoli…a proper winter warmer! The picture doesn't do it justice, it's amazing when you get the gravy in the pie!


Saturdays I try to cook something that takes a little bit more time, and I tend to do something different every week, whether it's a curry, fajitas, or, as is the case this week, a stir fry!


I always like to treat myself at the end of the week so I allow myself one takeaway. I tend to alternative each week between cuisines; Italian, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, American, pizza...and then back round again! I was so quick to eat it that I forgot to take a picture so here's another stock photo!


I try to have as few snacks as possible throughout the day, and just stick to breakfast, lunch and dinner. If I ever do want a snack, I'll try to stick to fruit. This week I did cave, however, and had some M&Ms (which are definitely my favourite chocolates).

And that's what I had this week - I hope you found it interesting! I'd love to know what you tend to have for a week, it might give me some inspiration for new things to make!

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