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What I've Watched This Year (So Far)

Today I'm going to do something a little bit different. Throughout the year, I've been writing down every TV show and movie I've watched for the first time. This is so I can look back and reflect on the media I've consumed over the course of 2021. Since we're basically halfway through the year, I thought I'd have a look back at what I've watched so far!


Bridgerton - Season 1

I loved Bridgerton. I knew I would like it as soon as people started describing it to me, but I didn't expect to like it that much. I'm never too fussed with historical accuracy in fictional things, so I really appreciated the modern twists they put into the show, like the music, and I just found it a lot of silly fun. I can't wait for season 2!

The Investigator - Seasons 1 & 2

This show was good, but not great. Netflix recommended it to me, knowing I'm a fan of true crime, so I thought I'd give it a go. Each season follows a detective covering an unsolved case to try to get to the bottom of it. It's really interesting, and keeps you hooked, but it's not the best of the genre I've ever seen.

WandaVision - Season 1

What can I say about WandaVision? This is one of the best TV shows I have. ever. seen. I loved every minute of it! I'm a huge Marvel fan anyway, so I knew I would like it, but it exceeded all of my expectations and ticked every box for me. I can't wait to see what's next for Wanda!

Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer - Season 1

This show was interesting, but I'll admit I don't remember much about it. The Night Stalker is an interesting topic, so I did enjoy it and I learnt a lot, but I think the fact that I don't remember much about this show maybe means it didn't leave as much of an impression as other things I watched.

The Masked Singer - Season 2

I feel like I don't need to say much here; I think everyone's watched some version of the Masked Singer at this point! Of course, I watched the UK one, and it's silly nonsense, but I have to admit it was a lot of fun, especially reading what people on Twitter have to say as you watch!


Superstore - Seasons 1-5

I really enjoyed this show. After hearing so much about it online, I wanted to give it a go, and I'm glad I did! It's nothing revolutionary, but it's a lot of fun, light hearted, and it's easy to have on in the background while you're doing other things. I'm looking forward to watching the last series!

Inside No. 9 - Seasons 1-5

What a show! It's been around for a while, but I can't believe I've only just started watching it. Inside No. 9 is an anthology show, featuring the same actors in each episode. Each week there's a different twist, and there's always something unexpected! It's basically Black Mirror, but typically a bit more light-hearted!

Somebody Feed Phil - Seasons 2-3

I finally finished this show! I've been slowly watching it over the course of last year and this year in a random order, and I finally got through it all. This is such a feel-good show. There's nothing better than seeing someone have a great time exploring the world and eating good food.

Modern Family Seasons 2-7

I used to love Modern Family when it was first on the TV, but after a while I just felt like there were too many series and dropped off, so this year I thought I'd give it a re-watch and try and get through to the end. As you can see by the fact that I stopped at season 7, I didn't get there, but I'll maybe pick it back up again in the future!

Late Night

The first film on the list! I had a quiet night and I thought I'd throw this on as I like Mindy Kaling. While I thought this film was okay, I was generally a bit disappointed with it. I thought it had so much potential but didn't really run with it, which is always a shame!



I finally got around to watching Tag on Netflix, which had been on my to watch list for a while. It was really stupid, but overall I had a good time watching it. I would recommend it as a film to watch if you've got a group of friends around and just want to watch something mindless and funny!

The Favourite

This is another film I'd been wanting to watch for a while, and honestly, I was kind of disappointed. I thought it was a little bit too twee for my liking, and I honestly found it pretty boring. I'm not sure I quite got the hype for it!

Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

What an amazing documentary! I had a blast watching this; every twist shocked me, and I couldn't believe something like this had really happened! While I'd heard about the scandal when it happened, I didn't realise how deep it went, or how much crime was taking place! It's definitely worth a watch!


This film was also a bit disappointing for me. While I totally agreed with its premise and thought it was great that such a feminist film was made, I thought it was a little too on the nose, and I'm not sure it really got the points across that it was hoping to. Hopefully it will inspire other similar films in the future.


Night on Earth - Season 1

What an amazing documentary! This is totally the show to watch if you're having trouble falling asleep. Focusing on what animals do at night, this programme is incredibly calming and relaxing, and has some beautiful visuals. A real treat to watch.

The Devil Next Door - Season 1

You can maybe tell I was in a bit of a documentary fix at this point in the year! This documentary was fascinating; following the story of an old man living in America who was arrested for being one of the most vicious Nazis during World War Two. There was so much to unpack, and this programme did such a good job with it.

Fyre - Season 1

What a joy this was to watch! I had the best time with it, being shocked at every decision that was made. Again, I was kind of following it as it happened, but I had no idea how massive the operation was, and how much of an impact it is still having on people today.

Athlete A - Season 1

Yes, we're still on documentaries! This documentary was amazing, but so sad to watch. It covers the abuse faced by athletes on the USA gymnastics team, and it's hard to watch. If you think you can handle it, it's definitely worth checking out, but it's not fun!

A Star is Born

After hearing so much about it, I thought I'd finally check it out...I was so disappointed! I thought it was really bad if I'm honest! Not only was it boring, but I thought the acting was poor; you could tell everything the actor was thinking before they said a line. I couldn't believe it was so popular!



I really enjoyed this film. I didn't know much about Elton John going in, so it was really interesting to learn more about his life. The soundtrack was fantastic, as was to be expected, and the entire movie was done in such a great way. It's definitely worth a watch.

The September Issue

An old documentary, I finally got around to watching this film following Anna Wintour during the production of Vogue's September issue. It was really interesting to watch and learn more about the world of fashion; an industry I know very little about.

Spiral: From The Book of Jigsaw

This was the first film I've seen in the cinema this year, so it was a fun experience, but boy was this film bad! It was super boring (the number one sin of a film in my opinion), it was poorly made, and the traps were not gruesome at all! I also found it sexist, and overall was not a good film to watch; definitely spend your money elsewhere!

The Circle USA - Season 2

I had a BLAST with this show! I'd never bothered to watch The Circle before, but when the American version came on Netflix, I gave it a go, and I was obsessed! I can see why people are so into this, and I can't wait for the next series so I can watch it along with everyone else.

Chernobyl - Season 1

What a way to end this list. This is maybe the best show I've ever watched. It's not new, so I'm sure many of you have already seen this, but if you haven't I strongly recommend you do. Again, it's difficult to watch, but boy is it fascinating and so well made. I was hooked the entire time!

And that does it for my list of what I've watched so far this year - I hope you've enjoyed it, and I hope you get some inspiration from it! I'd love to know what the best thing you've watched so far this year is!

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