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Writing a Blog Post

Today I thought I'd go behind the scenes and talk you through my process for making a blog post. There's nothing too complicated here, but it's a system that works for me, so maybe it will help an aspiring blogger out there! So join me as I go through a day as a blogger...


Firstly I sit down and brainstorm all my blog post ideas for the next month or so. Here I consider anything I might want to cover that month, anywhere I'm travelling to that I'll want to post about, and any holidays that are coming up (Christmas, Halloween, etc.) to make sure I have a month full of different and varied posts. It certainly hasn't been easy recently to come up with new ideas, but I'm getting there!


Now that I've planned out all my posts for that month, I choose two to write about. I do all my writing on the weekend as I work full-time during the week, and so I try to get at least two posts written on my days off. Typically I'll just choose the next two on my list to write about, but sometimes a certain idea catches my eye so I'll do that instead. As I typically work a month in advance, I have the flexibility in regards to which posts to write about on that day.

My writing style typically involves typing furiously every thought I possibly have, and then coming back to it later to read over it and make grammatical, structural, and spelling changes. I'm not one to sit and ponder, I like to get all my thoughts out at once! I tend to sit with a drink and some background music on to make it a nice, calming experience. I've linked some of my favourite things to listen to here, here, and here.

Links and Formatting

Once the post is actually written, I then go through and add in any links that might be useful to the reader, and I format the post so that it looks it's absolute best (this includes changing fonts and colours). This part doesn't take too long, but it's definitely the most satisfying as I know that the post is coming together!


Next I add in my pictures. Sometimes I have pictures ready to go, sometimes I use Unsplash, and sometimes I go out and take the photos specifically for the blog post, it really just depends on what the post needs on that day. I try and keep all my pictures I've uploaded neat and tidy in folders so I can come back to them if I need to; it doesn't always work but I try my best!

Cover Image

Next I work on my cover image so that the blog post is eye catching. I tend to use Canva for this as I'm pretty familiar with it. This typically just involves uploading a picture relevant to the post and adding some text to it; I'm familiar with Canva but I'm certainly not a pro! Then I upload it onto the post. At this point I also do the boring stuff like tag the post with certain key words and add the SEO description (what people will see if the post comes up as a Google search result).


At this point the blog looks like it would be if it were uploaded, so it's the perfect time for me to proof read and make sure the spelling and grammar are correct. I find it much easier to proof read when it looks like an actual web page, rather than just text, so while proof reading is much further down the list than it would maybe be expected, I find it works well for me.


Next I schedule my posts. As I said before, the post I'm writing typically won't go up for a good couple of weeks, so I schedule it for the right date and leave it at that!


Typically I don't think about that post again until the day that it's uploaded. From there I let everyone know that a new blog post has gone up by Tweeting about it and posting on my Instagram stories. In the future I hope to expand my marketing ideas and push the blog posts further, but for now I'm happy with a simple social media campaign!

And then the post is done! I revisit it again when I send my monthly newsletter out to subscribers, but really that's the end of the road; I just sit back and hope people enjoy reading it! Overall the entire process of making a blog post typically takes about an hour and a half, although of course some posts take longer and some take less time. If you have a blog, I'd love to know your writing process, and of course feel free to advertise your blog in the comments!

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