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Yet Another Birthday

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that the summer holds a lot of birthdays in my family; there were quite a few posts around that time of year documenting many celebrations! Well, we've come to the second half of the festivities this year, starting with another birthday, this time, my dad's.

My dad is a big football fan, so that was the theme I went with this year. The wrapping paper I went with was Celtic Football Club themed, along with silver ribbon to match the colour scheme. We went with football balloons, as well as a celebration banner to decorate the table and the gifts. We set everything out on our dining room table and I think it ended up looking pretty cool.

In regards to gifts, I went for a travel theme this year, particularly the USA, as we have future goals to travel to more places when we can. These included:

- A portable charger

- Smores kit

- armchair caddy

- Celtic history book

Moving away from this theme, I also went for a pizza oven along with the relevant accessories, as it's something we've discussed getting for such a long time; I'm very excited to start making my own pizzas!

In regards to the day itself, we spent most of it just hanging out watching TV; we made it very relaxed and it was lovely. We had plans, but unfortunately due to new restrictions in place they had to be cancelled. As such, we decided to go all out for dinner, and went for a fusion of Indian and Chinese takeaway; it was delicious, and we felt incredibly full afterwards!

We continued the football theme at the dinner table, spreading out some football confetti, and displaying some gold football napkins (they looked great but weren't very practical as it turns out).

Finally, we ended the day with some cakes. We're not huge cake people, so I went for mini cakes instead so there was less waste. I got these from Sponge and they're fantastic. I got 20 little bite-sized cakes in multiple different flavours (with football candles of course). They taste absolutely delicious and I would definitely get them again!

And that was it, another birthday over. It was a very casual and relaxed day which was lovely; hopefully next year we can go out and about a bit more! My question of the blog is: what's your favourite type of cake?

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