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YouTubers I'm Enjoying

Today I thought I'd do something a bit different and share some YouTube channels I'm really enjoying at the moment. I have shared some of my favourite YouTubers on GlobalSolo before, but I watch so many channels that every now and then I like to do a little update to share some new favourites! This list is a real mix of different genres, so hopefully you'll find something new that you might enjoy!

Scary Game Squad

This recommendation is actually a series on Jesse Cox's channel, and it's become a new favourite. It's nothing more than a group of friends getting together and playing scary games together. It's a great series to watch on a cosy evening to get yourself in the spooky mood, and you're guaranteed a few laughs every video! If you're interested in horror games but are too scared to play them yourself, this is the channel for you!

Personal recommendation: Their Until Dawn series. It's an absolute classic and I watch it all the time!


If you're a fan of Buzzfeed, you probably know about Watcher. It was founded by the two men responsible for the incredibly popular Buzzfeed Unsolved, along with fellow Buzzfeed alum Steven Lim. The channel is a weird amalgamation of anything they feel like making, but it all works! Some of my favourites include Are You Scared? and Weird/Wonderful World. Every video is light hearted and a lot of fun!

Personal recommendation: The entire Puppet History series; a laugh a minute!

Super Enthused

You guys know I love my theme park YouTubers...I watch so many! One of my new favourites is Super Enthused. And let me tell you, she lives up to the name! The channel follows the exploits of Jackie as she explores the different theme parks of Florida and beyond. She's so upbeat and always has a fantastic time, so she's a real mood lifter! I highly recommend giving her a watch if you've had a bad day!

Personal recommendation: Any video where Jackie explores the UK theme parks; it's a lot of fun!

Ambient Worlds

This is a niche one for sure, but it's probably my ultimate favourite channel. All of their videos are scenes from movies/TV shows/books with accompanying music and sounds. It's intended to relax you, and boy does it! I quite often have it on in the background, particularly when I'm working. It really helps create a nice atmosphere, and I find that it immediately relaxes me!

Personal recommendation: The Hogwarts Classroom scenescape; it's so relaxing and cosy!

Cinema Therapy

This is one of the newest channels I've been enjoying, and it's such a cool concept. The channel features a film-maker and a therapist sitting down together to watch and discuss different films. Mostly focusing on Pixar and Marvel, they have some fantastic insights into the movies they are watching, and discuss wider themes that come from them. It's incredibly heartfelt and interesting, but also really fun to watch!

Personal recommendation: Their Inside Out video. It was one of the first they did and really solidified why this channel is so amazing.

Mo Mo O'Brien

My final recommendation is one of my favourite travel channels. Mo Mo loves renaissance fairs, historical re-enactments, and fantasy roleplay. She documents her travels around the world exploring some of the most fantastical places to visit, including fairy tale theme parks, and a wizarding school! As such, she doesn't post these kind of videos all that often, but when she does they're fantastic!

Personal recommendation: Her trip to Efteling was a real treat, and full of twists and turns!

And that does it for my most recent YouTube recommendations. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if you go and watch any of my choices. I'd love to know what you're currently watching on YouTube, as I'm always looking for recommendations!

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